Q The Commercial Appeal no longer maintains an office in the state of Mississippi. If it is a newspaper of general circulation in the city, may it still be used for publishing legal notices under Section 13-3-31?

A The determination of whether a particular newspaper meets the requirements of Section 13-3-31 is a question of fact which the municipal governing authorities must make. There is no statutory requirement for a newspaper to have a principal business office in Mississippi, nor is it required to maintain a known office of publication within in the corporate limits of a municipality in order to meet the requirements of Section 13-3-31 to publish legal notices for the municipality. Attorney General Opinions to Robert A. Carroll (1/20/89), Kenneth Stockton (12/15/01), and Robert Chamberlin (1/10/02) which state the contrary are withdrawn. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Sorrell, dated May 1, 2012)