Q Section 19-3-7 requires the organizational meeting of the board to be held on the first Monday of the new term of office. As the first Monday is a holiday (January 2), must the meeting be held on the 2nd, or should it be moved to the next day (Tuesday the 3rd)?

A The organizational meeting, at which the board elects a president and vice-president before proceeding to perform its duties, should be held on Tuesday the 3rd. January 1, 2012 falls on a Sunday. Section 3-3-7 provides that if a legal holiday falls on a Sunday, the next day shall be a legal holiday. Section 19-3-11 provides that the board of supervisors shall meet on the first Monday of each month, but shall meet on the next succeeding day when the first Monday falls on a holiday. As the organizational meeting is the first meeting of the new board, the meeting must be held on Tuesday the 3rd, the “next succeeding day.” Also note that Section 25-1-99 states that the courthouse shall be closed on all state holidays. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Dickinson, dated November 4, 2011)