Q The County owns a building that is used part-time as a polling place and other election-related activities, but is otherwise not in use. May the board of supervisors allow the American Red Cross to use this county-owned building free of charge for providing goods or services to the citizens of the county?

A Section 19-5-93(l) provides that a board of supervisors is authorized, in its discretion, to donate annually, a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars per million of assessed valuation to the support of the American Red Cross. Such donation may be in cash or in-kind, so the county may enter into a use agreement which will allow an in-kind donation to the American Red Cross for the use of a county building so long as the value of the in-kind contribution does not exceed the annual monetary limit imposed by Section 19-5-93(l). (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Barbour, January 31, 2020)