Q To what extent should we follow Robertís Rules of Order in board of aldermen meetings? In a code charter municipality, does the mayor have veto power over the setting of the final agenda from the meeting? Can the mayor refuse to list an item submitted by a member of the board? In addition, is it standard procedure to list the aldermenís names on the townís letterhead?

A We are aware of no statutory law nor case law, which dictates the procedure a municipality must follow when conducting a meeting. Most public bodies follow very simple rules with the head of the public body ruling on any issue, with a vote taken if the full body object and the ruling should follow the majority vote. If you have adopted procedures, you should follow them. As to the agenda, both the mayor and aldermen have the authority to place items on the agenda, with the board having ultimate control over the agenda by majority vote. Once the agenda has been set in accordance with municipal policies, a majority vote of the board is required to remove an item. As to the authority of the mayor to veto a measure of the board, any affirmative action of the board is subject to veto. We know of no statutory procedure, which dictates the content of municipal letterhead, so we cannot answer your last question. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to McLemore, December 20, 2019)