Q The city conducted a reverse auction for procurement of surveillance cameras, and the low bidder has told us that installation of a wireless network would eliminate the monthly service fees. The cameras are patented technology, and only one company is authorized to open the cameras and install a wireless network. Can this be done though a sole source purchase?

A Section 31-7-13(c)(i)(2) contains language, which authorizes a purchasing entity to use an alternate method (other than reverse auction) of procurement after making the requisite findings of fact and approval from the PPRB. If the municipality determines that an item is a single source item, the procurement is exempt from Section 31-7-13, including reverse auctions. A competitive procurement process should be implemented, even when not legally required, to prevent favoritism and ensure the best value at the lowest cost. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Espy, November 8, 2019)