Q If a defendant receives a traffic citation and neither appears in court nor makes arrangements to pay by the date on the ticket, and does not respond to the ten day letter mailed out, prior to their license being suspended, are we to send in a notice of suspension (DR-15) o Jackson (MHP) to suspend their license for failure to appear? If we cannot suspend for failure to appear, how will we notify other states when defendant does not appear or pay the citation?

A Pursuant to Section 63-1-53, as amended by House Bill 1352 (2019), a ten day notice of suspension is no longer sent; now a ninety day notice of collection efforts is sent. The court has no authority to suspend licenses for failure to appear, as the language authorizing suspension for failure to appear was deleted by the amendment. As to the second question, the statute does not contemplate notice to other states for failure to appear. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Fairley, October 11, 2019)