Q Senate Bill 2827 (Regular Session, 2019) makes an increase in supervisors’ salaries optional. As they are tied to the supervisors’ salaries, if the board chooses not to increase their salaries, may the board increase the salaries of the justice court judges, county prosecutor, and/or board attorney?

A Pursuant to Section 25-3-36, justice court judges are not entitled to a salary increase unless the board of supervisors increased their salaries as well. Conversely, Section 25-3-9(4) allows the county prosecutor to receive a salary increase if his prescribed salary is, at a minimum of the justice court judge. Likewise, the board of supervisors could increase the board attorney’s salary, but only to the amount “authorized by law” for a supervisor pursuant to Section 19-3-47. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Slover, August 9, 2019)