Q We have recently learned that one of our supervisors may have been convicted of a disqualifying felony prior to being elected to the board of supervisors; thus, he would not be eligible to hold office. Should we continue to pay his salary and travel, including provision of a county-owned vehicle, even if he may be disqualified but not removed from office, yet? In addition, if we continue to approve payment of such expenses, can the members of the board be held personally liable for them?

A The board of supervisors may not pay salary, travel, and other compensation to a supervisor, including the use of county vehicles, when the supervisor is disqualified from holding office. With respect to your second question, personal liability may accrue to individual board members for authorizing the expenditure of money to an object not authorized by law, pursuant to Section 31-7-57. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to
Clark, August 13, 2019)