Q Our town has various security cameras, and the mayor has requested that the camera feed be made available on her official town cell phone. Who has the authority to make rules for the operation and use of the town’s video equipment, and is it proper for the mayor to receive the town video images on her cell phone?

A Pursuant to Section 21-17-5, the authority to establish rules for the operation and use of the municipal video equipment belongs to the board of aldermen subject to mayoral veto. The determination of accessibility to the video feed must be made on an ad hoc basis. For example, if such determination constitutes a policy-making decision, that decision would be made by the board. If it requires an exercise of executive function, then that function is reserved to the mayor. However, if day-to-day operations of law enforcement are hindered, then the determination would be left up to the police chief as the chief law enforcement officer of the municipality. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Wakeland, June 21, 2019)