Q May the district advertise for request for proposals (RFPs) before entering into a contract for the global procurement of all athletic products for schools in the district?

A Purchases of commodities made by governing authorities, including athletic equipment and uniforms, are required to comply with Section 31-7-13 unless otherwise exempted. Absent a statutory exemption, the procedure described appears to result in a violation of Section 31-7-13(c) when the school district is making purchases of commodities over $50,000. Section 31-7-13(m)(i) provides an exemption for purchasing agreements approved by the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA), and Section 31-7-12 provides for state contracts approved by DFA. Section 31-7-13(d)(i) provides authority for a “certified purchasing office” to use an RFP process, but your letter does not indicate whether the subject purchasing entity constitutes a “certified purchasing office.” (Attorney General’s Opinion to Adams, June 7, 2019)