Q Three deputy circuit clerks are running for office. Are they restricted in the duties they may perform as deputy circuit clerks during the election cycle?

A There are no statutory restrictions on what a deputy circuit clerk may perform when s/he is on the ballot, but Section 23-15-631(1) (e) specifically prohibits candidates for public office from being an attesting witness for any absentee ballot. Ideally, though not required by law, someone other than a deputy clerk who is a candidate should assist voters casting absentee ballots in the office of the circuit clerk. To avoid any appearance of impropriety, we strongly suggest that, if possible, the deputy clerks in question not participate in assisting party executive committees and/or the county election commission when they meet to rule on candidate qualifications, appoint poll managers, certify election results, or take any other action that could be viewed as an opportunity to influence the eventual results of an election. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Good, March 8, 2019)