Q Section 37-9-13 provides that a superintendent of schools must have three years of experience as a “school building principal” that met certain accountability ratings (Note that the State Board of Education is authorized to issue regulations that provide an alternative to the experience requirements.). We have three k-12 attendance centers, with a number of people at each with the title of “principal” or “assistance principal.” (K-6 principal, assistant principal for grades 9-12, 7-12, or 6-8, etc..) Will these qualify under that statutory language?

A No. In order to meet the three year administrative experience as a school building principal required under Section 37-9-13(1), a person must be employed as the school building principal at a school that receives an accountability rating. Being “principal” of a portion of the school does not qualify. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Applewhite, February 8, 2019)