Q We have been informed that we owe local support to a charter school located in another district for one student who resides in our school district. Our district has an “A” rating, and had an “A” rating when the charter school was approved. Do we owe support to the charter school?

A Under Sections 37-28-23 and 37-28-55, to enroll in a particular charter school, the student must reside in the geographical boundaries of the school district in which the charter school is located or reside in the geographical boundary of a school district that was rated “C’, “D” or “F” either at the time the charter school was approved or when the student enrolls. A student residing in an “A” rated district is not authorized to enroll in a charter school located outside the school district in which the student resides. Consequently, neither the Mississippi Department of Education nor the school district in which the student resides owes any funds to the charter school. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Adams, February 1, 2019)