Q May a municipality appropriate money to its Main Street program and contract with it to earmark money to operate a grant program for urban renewal purposes in accordance with Section 43-35-15?

A The municipality may donate funds to its Main Street program for economic development purposes and enter into contracts in support of any project sponsored by such program, in accordance with Sections 21-19-44 and 21-19-44.1. However, a municipality is not authorized to make grants to private developers to redevelop privately owned properties under Section 17-19-1 or the urban renewal statutes in Sections 43-35-1 et seq, except as specifically authorized in Section 43-35-15(f) in accordance with the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. A municipality may not rely on the authority granted to it I Section 21-19-44 and 21-19-44.1 to circumvent the limitations imposed in Section 43-35-15(f). (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Abide, October 12, 2018)