Q In accordance with Section 89-7-45, if a Justice Court Judge, after holding a hearing based on a sworn affidavit, concludes that rent is rightfully owed and not paid, is the issuance of a warrant of removal automatically stayed for ten (10) days to allow the tenant to pay the full and complete amount of rent due?

A Yes, reading Sections 89-7-27 through Section 29-7-45 in pari materia and giving meaning to each section, particularly Section 89-7-45, if a summons is issued pursuant to Section 89-7-31 and the proceedings are founded on non-payment of rent, the Court, pursuant to Section 89-7-45, is required to stay the issuance of a warrant of removal for ten (10) days and if the rent and costs are not paid within that period, the warrant of removal shall then issue (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Shirley, June 22, 2018)