Q How long after the required hearing may a municipality re-enter and clean property declared to be a menace under Section 21-19-11?

A Given the confusing language contained in Section 21-19-11, the statute cannot be read in an internally consistent manner. The proper interpretation of the provision concerning reentry for the purpose of cutting grass and weeds and removing rubbish is that a municipality may reenter property that it has determined to be a menace to the public health, safety and welfare of the community for the purpose of cutting and removing rubbish upon seven (7) daysí notice posted on the property and at city hall within the one-year period after the date of the hearing. In the event the municipality seeks to reenter after the one-year period, it would be required to start the process anew by starting a new action under the statute. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Jacks, November 9, 2017)