Q Generally, Section 55-15-81 prohibits removing or disturbing monuments to the various wars, although it states that the governing body may move the memorial to a more suitable location. Is it legal to move such a monument outside the city or to storage?

A No. A monument may be “moved” pursuant to the statute’s second subsection only to the extent that such movement does not amount to a prohibited “removal” or “relocation” under the first subsection. Upon a proper finding of fact by the governing authority that another location within the municipality is more suitable for displaying the monument, it may be moved. Note that any alteration of the monument in question requires authorization from the Department of Archives and History, pursuant to the Mississippi Antiquities Law, Section 39-7-1 et seq. (Attorney General’s Opinion to McKenzie, October 13, 2017) Also see Opinion to O’Donnell, October 2, 2017.