Q May an employee of a business take office on the school board when that business has a contract with the school district, which was previously approved by the school board?

A The current contract will not violate Section 109, Miss. Const. of 1890, or Section 25-4-105(2), Miss. Code of 1972, because it was authorized before the appointee takes office. However, the contract will violate Section 25-4-105(3) (a) unless the exception in Section 25-4-105(4) (d) applies. In the event the exception applies, the appointee must still comply with Section 25-4-105(1) and Section 25-4-101. The appointee should resolve all issues by resigning employment with the company before taking office or by declining the appointment because otherwise a violation is likely to occur. (Mississippi Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion No. 17-051-E, August 4, 2017)