Q Four municipalities have filed certified election results, which failed to certify those municipal candidates who were unopposed for office. Have these unopposed municipal candidates been elected in accordance with Mississippi law if the citiesí election commissioners failed to place their names on the general election ballot as required by Section 23-15-361(6)?

A Practicalities and common sense, as well as pertinent case law (Zeigler v. Zeigler, 164 So.2d 768, 770 (1935), Anderson v Lambert, 494 So.2d 370 (1986)), dictate that we construe statutory provisions, if possible, in a manner that avoids an unwise and unjust result. Requiring the unopposed candidates to re-qualify and run in a special election to fill the vacancies created by such an interpretation would entail significant and unnecessary expenditures and be an unwise and unjust result that cannot be imputed to the Mississippi Legislature. Under the particular circumstances of this case, the unopposed candidates whose names did not appear on the general election ballot should be certified as elected without opposition and are fully eligible to assume the duties of their respective offices on July 3, 2017 (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Turner, June 26, 2017)