Q A defendant is arrested for two misdemeanor charges, both of which are listed on the bond. If the defendant pays in full the penalties for one of the charges, is the bonding company released from its obligation to insure the appearance of the defendant at future court dates on the remaining charge?

What if the defendant pays a portion of the fine on one of the charges and appears in court on subsequent court dates via a payment arrangement, if the remaining charge has not been adjudicated?
A The answer to both questions is “no.” The remaining charge(s) are covered under the bond until discharged by due course of law. The bond in question reflects two charges and provides that it is “from day to day and term to term until discharged by law,” so its terms state that it is valid on each charge until the defendant has been discharged on each charge. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Shumake, June 2, 2017)