Q Does a county board of supervisors have the authority to accept Notices of Intent and to issue approvals of individual on-site wastewater systems in light of the provisions of the Mississippi wastewater Disposal System law?

A Per the Mississippi Individual On-Site Wastewater Disposal system Law, Mississsippi Code Sections 41-67-1 et seq., the Mississippi State Board of Health, acting through the Department of Health, has the duty and responsibility to approve the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of individual on-site wastewater disposal systems. As part of this statutory framework, all individual on-site wastewater disposal systems must be approved by the Department both prior to installation and afterwards. Th owners or developers must first submit to the Department a “notice of intent” to build or place a structure on any land that may require an individual on-site wastewater disposal system, at which time the Department will provide said owner/developer all relevant information regarding the system. After the installation and completion of the system, which may only be done by a certified “installer,” the Department again must approve the design contruction, and installation. No other persons or entities are authorized to perform these inspections or to issue approvals for these systems. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Currier, February 10, 2017)