Q Is a school district required to post notice pursuant to Section 45-9-101 in order to prevent holders of a concealed carry permit from carrying a concealed weapon on district property, and if so, is a district required to post additional language making it known that said notice does not apply to holders of an enhanced permit?

A A school district is not required to post signage under 45-9-101(13) in order to prohibit a regular license holder from possessing a concealed weapon. Section 97-37-1 makes it unlawful for a person to carry concealed any “deadly weapon” except as provided in Section 45-9-101. Section 45-9-101(13), in turn, states “no license issued pursuant to this section shall authorize any person to carry a stun gun, concealed pistol or revolver into…any elementary or secondary school facility.” Thus, it is a violation of state law for a regular concealed license holder to carry a weapon onto school property, and this violation is not dependent on the posting or presence of any sign. If the district does post signs, the signage must give notice that the carry prohibitions do not apply to holders of enhanced concealed licenses, pursuant to Section 45-9-53(4)(a). (Attorney General’s Opinion to Treadway, February 16, 2017)