Q Does Section 45-9-131 authorize a police officer to purchase his rifle upon retirement, or does the provision for purchasing sidearms only apply to pistols and revolvers?

A Section 45-9-131 authorizes a member of any municipal or county law enforcement agency who retires under any state retirement system or the spouse of a law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty to purchase “one (1) sidearm which was issued to the law enforcement officer by the law enforcement agency from which he or she retired or by whom he or she was employed at the time of death.” Pursuant to Section 1-3-65, all words within statutes are given their common and ordinary meaning. The common and ordinary meaning of the term “sidearm” in the statutes relates to a law enforcement officer’s revolver or pistol. Accordingly, the retiring officer cannot purchase a rifle or long gun that was issued to him or her. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Burnett, September 20, 3016)