Q How should public safety employees be compensated for working on holidays that occur on the employees scheduled days off?

A Compensation of a public safety employee may be supplemented by any leave policies enacted by the county, in accordance with Section 25-11-103(l). A county must enact leave policies to ensure that a public safety employee is paid or granted compensatory time for the same number of holidays for which any other county employee is paid. The county would have to include in its policies how the leave is to be granted and used. The state law requirement placed on the policies that public safety workers must receive the full benefit of the holiday as other county employees. Federal law questions are outside the scope of this discussion. State law would allow a time limited use policy. If the employee normally has a 12-hour shift, then holiday compensation should be for 12 hours. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Nowak, September 1, 2016)