Q May a municipality or its police department confiscate firearms in the case of a misdemeanor charge, write tickets for traffic violations on a U.S. highway located within the city limits, and request cash bonds be forfeited to the city in the event the individual who gave the bond is found not guilty?

A A firearm may be confiscated if the weapon was used in the commission of a crime pursuant to Section 97-37-3. The firearm may be disposed of in accordance with the same section. Municipal police officers may make traffic stops on both state and U.S. highways for all traffic violations occurring within the city limits. Use of radar to capture speeding violations on U.S. highways within the municipality is only permitted in in municipalities having a population in excess of fifteen thousand (15,000) according to the latest federal census. The use of radar on a state highway located within a municipality is only permitted in municipalities having a population of two thousand (2,000) or more. If an individual is found not guilty of a criminal charge, the cash bond must be returned to the individual. The purpose of a bond is to require the defendantís appearance in court. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Gallagher, July 22, 2016)