Q May a county decide to grant an ambulance service license to only one ambulance provider, to the exclusion of others, and enter into a contract with the holder of that license to be the sole provider of ambulance services within that county?

A A county may not adopt an ordinance which specifically restricts granting a county ambulance service license to only one provider. The county does have the authority to enact an ordinance that requires certain criteria in order for an ambulance service provider to obtain a county license to conduct ambulance services within the county as long as the ordinance does not conflict with either state law or the rules and regulations of the State Department of Health. Pursuant to Section 41-55-7 a county may enter into a contract with a single ambulance service provider and can have all calls received by the countyís E-911 center routed to the contracted ambulance service provider. In that case, advertising for bids is not required. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Slover, July 29, 2016)