Q May an individual, who is a properly certified law enforcement officer, serving warrants and performing other services for the police department make traffic stops or write tickets for the city police department?

A Section 45-6-3 (d) sets out the guidelines for the part-time law enforcement officers: any person appointed or employed in a part-time, reserve or auxiliary capacity by the state or any political subdivision thereof hwo is duly sworn and vested with authority to bear arms and make arrests, and whose primary respoinsibility is the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehension of criminals and the enforcement of the criminal and traffic laws fo the state or the ordinances of any political subdivision thereof. However, the term “part-time law enforcement officer” shall not mean or include any person or elected official who, subject to approval by the board, provides some criminal justice reltated services or a law enforcement agency…[A]ppointed or employed means an person who is performing such duties at any time whether or not they receive any compensation for duties as a law enforcement officer… It is up to the local governing authorities to determine the employment classification of the officer, the nature of his duties, and the xtent of his authority. If the individual is properly certified, he would, thus, have authority for the enforcement of criminal and traffic laws. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Thompson, April 1, 2016)