Q If enough members to make a quorum of a body subject to the Mississippi Public Records Act attend a training seminar together, does the seminar constitute a meeting under the Act?

A What constitutes a meeting under the Act is fact specific and must be detmined on a case by case basis. For guidance, if the primary purpose of the seminar is educational and the primary method of training is lecture, it appears the seminar itself does not fall within the meaning of a public meeting. Actions taken by a quorum of the body while attending the training could be considered a meeting under the Act. Should the body intend to to take any official acts or initiate on its own discussion or action that could be considered deliberation of public policy on an issue over which the body has supervision, control, jurisdiction or advisory power, then the gathering would fall within the definition of a meeting. The social gathering exemption to the Act does not apply when the primary purpose of attendance is to develop an understanding of specialized and industry-specific practices and information. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Shurden, February 26, 2016)