Q May county jail use monies from the inmates canteen fund to purchase a new fingerprint machine or a new air conditioning unit for the facility?

A Section 19-3-81 requires funds derived from the operation of the inmate canteen facility be deposited into a special fund. Any monies in the special fund may be expended solely by the sheriff of the county for any educational related expenses, to purchase equipment and supplies and to provide for maintenance of the equipment purchased for the benefit and welfare inmates. The purchase of a finger print machine is not for the benefit and welfare of the inmates. Air conditioning units, however, would be for the benefit of the inmates. Funds should not be used for air conditioning areas of the facility which are of no benefit to the inmates. Also, canteen funds should not be used for air conditioning if funds are available from other sources. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Shepard, February 5, 2016)