Q May a municipality contribute funds to a county school district for the purpose of assisting in the funding of travel expenses for student, parents and school staff?

A According to Sections 17-3-1 and 17-3-3, a municipality may expend funds, subject to a one (1) mill limitation, for the purpose of advertising and bringing into favorable notice the opportunities, possibilities, and resources of the municipality. Such advertising may include publicity, expositions, public entertainment or other forms of advertising or publicity, which in the judgement of the board will be helpful toward advancing the moral, financial, and other interests of such municipality. Whether a proposed project falls within the bounds of Sections 17-3-1 and 17-3-3 is a factual determination. Also worth noting is according to Section 21-19-49(4), a municipality may donate funds to any school district located within the boundaries of the municipality to assist the “voluntary character development or public service programs of that school district. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Hornsby, January 29, 2016)