Q May the land rolls, required to be maintained by the county, be maintained in a digital format as opposed to paper copies?

A Probably, the Attorney General is only able to answer questions concerning the requestor’s office. As such, the AG can only answer this question if asked by a chancery clerk; however, there is no requirement in Section 27-35-123 that the copies, or reproductions of such copies, of each roll be in a particular form. Additionally, the provisions of Sections 27-3-61 and 27-3-83 allow for electronic reproduction/storage of documents. Thus it would seem the land rolls required to be maintained by the clerk may be maintained in a digital or electronic format. The clerk would need to ensure that there is free access to these rolls on public computer terminals and that legacy systems be maintained and accessible for at least seven years. (Attorney General’s Opinion to McKenzie, October 30, 2015)