Q Which circuit clerks’ fees should be paid from the youth court budget and which fees should be paid from the county general fund?

A Pursuant to Section 25-7-14, the circuit clerk must prepare an itemized statement of fees for services performed and submit the itemized statement to the Youth Court Judge for approval. If the fees are in cases originating by petition, the provisions of Section 43-21-205 apply, and upon approval, the court submits the bill to the Board for payment from the county general fund. If the fees are not generated from cases originating by petition, upon approval by the judge, the fees would be paid from the Youth Court budget. Section 43-21-205 specifically mentions no clerk is to be compensated for attendance in youth court. Section 25-7-13(6) provides a fee related to county court minutes, including youth court minutes. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Coleman, November 6, 2015)