Q The County is required to pay a Constable for serving a summons for delinquent mobile home taxes owed the county regardless of whether the county collected any of the taxes. Does this also include paying the Constable when he goes to a defendantís residence, finds no one home, and posts the notice on the door?

A Yes, if the summons is served properly, the constable is entitled to his fee. Section 13-3-5 (2) of the Mississippi Code sets out three methods of serving a summons. The first method is personal service, which requires serving the defendant personally. The second option is serving a spouse or other family member above the age of sixteen (16). The third method allows posting the notice on the door of the usual place of abode, coupled with a copy being mailed to the defendant by the clerk of the court. Once the requirements of the third method are met, the Constable is entitled to his fee. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Shepard, July 24, 2015).