Q A typical school bus turnaround is a dead-end on which a school bus literally turns around. We have a private road that is a loop, connecting a public road at each end. Although the school board has designated this road as a turnaround, there is no literal need for the bus to turn around. May this road be properly designated as a school bus turnaround and be maintained as such by the county?

A There is no statutory definition of school bus turnaround. The school board is to determine and designate those areas as school bus turnarounds, and then request the county to maintain a list of such school bus turnarounds. The board of supervisors has no duty or discretion to go behind that designation and would be entitled to rely upon the school boardís representation as to which areas rare, in fact, school bus turnarounds. Note that 19-3-42 grants the county the discretion to maintain such turnarounds, but does not mandate that the county do so. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Snowden, May 1, 2015)