Q May a large law firm which employs a member of a public board maintain a relatively small contract with an institution governed by that board? The board member is an employee of the firm, with no interest in the ownership, management or profits of the firm. The board member will do no work on the contract.

A Yes. Under these particular facts, any interest the board member might have in the current contract or a future contract would be remote and minimal, or de minimis, and no violation of Section109, Miss. Const. of 1890, or Section 25-4-105(2) will result from such a contract. Additionally, Section 25-4-105(4) (h) will operate to prevent a violation of Section 25-4-105(3) (a) in this instance, and the board member must fully recuse from any future renewal of the contract in compliance with Section 25-4-105(1). (Mississippi Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion No. 15-014-E, March 6, 2015)