Q The County has received a request for an appropriation to the privately-owned hospital in the County for the purpose of promoting health in the County and to erect a flagpole, featuring the County as the donor. Would Section 19-9-97 or Section 17-3-1 authorize the referenced expenditures by the County?

A The County is authorized under Section 19-9-97 to contribute funds to a private hospital, pursuant to a contract with the hospital, whereby the hospital agrees to provide certain defined services or benefits to the citizens of the County in furtherance of the public health. In order to financially support the flagpole project, the Board must find and spread upon the minutes, consistent with facts, that the project advertises and brings into favorable notice, the opportunities, possibilities, and resources of the County, and, further, that such advertisement will be helpful toward advancing the “moral, financial and other interests” of the County, pursuant to Sections 17-3-1 and 17-3-3. (Attorney General’s Opinions to Webb, December 19, 2014)