Q May a County Coroner also serve as Director of the County Emergency Management Organization?

A This does not violate the Ethics in Government Act. While Section 25-4-105(3(a) generally prohibits a county official from also serving as a county employee, the exception in Section 25-4-104(4) (h) applies because the two offices are separate component units of county government. The requestor should contact the Technical Assistance Division of the State Auditorís Office for advice on avoiding dual compensation. The requestor may be required to take leave from the emergency management organization when performing duties as Coroner. The requestor may also wish to consult with the Office of the Attorney General regarding Sections 1 and 2 of the Mississippi Constitution, the Separation of Powers Rule, incompatible offices, as well as dual compensation and any other potential issues arising outside the Ethics in Government Laws. (Mississippi Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion No. 15-001-E, January 9, 2015)