Q Should ATVs, bicycles, Hover Round chairs or lawn mowers be allowed to operate on city streets?

A Section 63-3-103(b) defines “motor vehicle.” Unless the mower qualifies as an implement of husbandry under Section 63-21-5(d), ATVs and lawn mowers are motor vehicles, and to lawfully operate on public roads they are required to have tags, inspection stickers, proper equipment and insurance. An individual riding a bicycle on a public road has the same rights and duties as an individual operating a motor vehicle. As to “Hover Round chairs,” the definition of “motor vehicle” specifically excludes electric personal assistive mobility devices, defined as a “self-balancing two-tandem wheeled device, designed to transport only one (1) person, with an electric propulsion system that limits the maximum speed of the device to fifteen (15) miles per hour.” If it meets this definition, Section 63-3-208 provides that it may be operated on a marked bicycle path, on a street or road where bicycles are permitted, or on a sidewalk (with restrictions). (Attorney General’s Opinions to Jones, December 12, 2014)