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Thread: Denial of Access to Particular Media

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    Default Denial of Access to Particular Media

    Are Mississippi public schools authorized to deny access to a particular member of the print / television / radio media to cover school sporting events while allowing other members to cover such events, and may conditions or fees be imposed on media by the school for covering such events? May a cablevision sports programmer who tapes a complete public school event for broadcast at a subsequent time for profit, be charged a fee by the public school, while print and television station media are allowed to report the event without paying such a fee?

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    Patrick Dendy Guest

    Default School District May Implement Reasonable Policies for Media

    A public school and /or school district is authorized to implement reasonable policies and regulations regarding access to school functions, including restricting access to such events and placing conditions on access to such events, so long as such policies are rationally related to a legitimate school interest. (Attorney General´s Opinion to Horhn dated October 20, 2008)

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