Q May a school district employ the child or son-in-law of a newly elected school board member, and may the grandchild of a newly elected school board member be enrolled as a student in the district?

A If the school board member is financially independent from the child and son-in-law, then no violation of Section 109, (Miss. Constitution), or Section 25-4-105(2), (Miss. Code), should occur, but the board member must recuse himself or herself from any matter which would result in a pecuniary benefit to the child or son-in-law, in compliance with Section 25-4-105(1). The board member’s grandchild is not a relative under the ethics law, and the board member is not prohibited by Section 25-4-105(1) from participating in matters which affect the grandchild. (Mississippi Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion No. 14-050-E, August 8, 2014)