Q A member of the board would like to donate, transfer or sell a used county laptop computer to a Headstart Center. How may the county do so?

A First, Section 66 of the Mississippi Constitution and Section 19-3-40(3) of the Code prohibit donations, absent specific authority. As there is no authority for a board of supervisors to make a donation to a private nonprofit corporation, the county may not donate the laptop. Next, Section 31-7-13(m) (vi) authorizes the transfer of personal property between governmental entities, but does not include nonprofit corporations, so the property may not be transferred under this Section. Finally, Section 17-25-25 sets forth uniform requirements for disposal of property. In order to sell or dispose of property, the governing authority must make a finding on the minutes that the property is no longer used for public purposes or that the sale of the property would promote the best interest of the county, then follow the appropriate procedure in Section 17-25-25, based on the value of the property. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Thaggard, June 13, 2014)