Q Section 23-15-563(1) requires individuals voting in person at the polls or the clerk’s office to present photo identification before voting, and Section 23-15-563(5) provides that intentional failure of an election official to require identification shall be considered “corrupt conduct under Section 97-13-19.” What are the penalties for “corrupt conduct under Section 97-13-19,” and what additional penalties are there for intentionally failing to require a voter to present photo identification?

A The penalty for one convicted of “corrupt conduct under Section 97-13-19” is imprisonment in the penitentiary for a term not exceeding two years. Section 23-15-269 provides for a fine of not less than $25, nor more than $100, or imprisonment in the county jail for not less than 10 days, nor more than 90 days, or both for a conviction of willfully or knowingly failing to perform any duty required of him by the election laws. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Hosemann, February 24, 2014)