Q One County has received a grant to build a “safe room” in the county to house citizens during tornadic weather activity. They are required to build it on county property, and would like to build it on the community college campus, where it would also benefit the community college and be available for the use by the community college, when not needed for disaster purposes. May a community college board of trustees advertise real property for sale, set out the factual findings in Section 37-7-471 et seq., and convey the real property to the county for nominal or no consideration?

A No. Sections 37-7-471 et seq. are applicable to school districts and do not apply directly to community college districts. However, upon receiving sealed bids in response to an advertisement for sale of real property under Section 37-29-75, the board may consider benefits other than cash, such as the value of having a “safe room” constructed on campus at no cost to the college, the reversionary interest in the real property and improvements, and any other benefits in determining the lowest and best bid. (Attorney General’s Opinions to Compton, February 14, 2014)