Q Are exemptions granted to board members who fail to receive the required basic training during the first six months of service?

A Section 37-7-306(3) makes continuing education a requisite condition of holding office. Section 37-7-306(2) provides that, “[i}n the event that a board member fails to complete such training within six (6) months of his selection, such board member shall no longer be qualified to serve and shall be removed from office.” (Attorney General’s Opinion to Taplin, July 27, 2007) In addition, Section 37-7-306(3) requires annual continuing education. Subsection (5) provides that a failure to file the certificate of completion with the board of the basic training, annual continuing education, or (in the case of district with a failing school) the additional training required by Section 37-3-4(5)(c), the board member shall be removed from office by the Attorney General.