Q During the 2013 session, the legislature passed Senate Bill 2625 to prohibit the hiring of convicted embezzlers for public employment. Does this apply to persons hired prior to July 1, 2013 who meet the conditions enumerated in the bill, or does it only apply to persons initially employed after July 1, 2013?

A The Attorney General is of the opinion that SB 2625 applies to public employees hired on or after July 1, 2013. The title of SB 2625 reads: “An act to create new Section 25-1-111, Mississippi Code of 1972, to prohibit future hiring of convicted embezzlers for public employment; and for related purposes.” Article 4, Section 71 of the Mississippi Constitution states that “every bill introduced into the legislature shall have a title, and the title ought to indicate clearly the subject matter of the proposed legislation.” In Lewis v. Simpson, et ux, 176 Miss. 123, 167 So. 780 (1936), the Mississippi Supreme Court recognized that the title of a bill “may be resorted to as an aid to the ascertainment of the legislative intent and may serve the purpose of relieving any ambiguity in the body of the act.” (Attorney General’s Opinion to Pickering, July 12, 2013)