Q The term of a member of the municipal school board expires January, 2016, but he has resigned effective June 1, 2013. This board member was elected from outside added territory. The next general election will be in November, 2014. Who appoints an interim board member, and will we have an election in November, 2014 for someone to serve the remainder of the term? When would such an elected trustee take office?

A Under Section 37-7-203, “any vacancy in the office of a trustee elected from such trustee district . . . shall be filled by appointment of the governing authorities of the municipality, provided that the person so appointed shall serve only until the next general election following his appointment, at which time a person shall be elected for the remainder of the unexpired term . . .” So, the city board will appoint a trustee to serve until the November, 2014 general election, at which time a trustee will be elected to serve until January, 2016. Section 37-7-217(3) provides that a person elected to an unexpired term “shall assume office immediately.” (Attorney General’s Opinion to Hood, June 14, 2013)