HB 2, 2013 Regular Session, amends Section 97-37-1, and there are several questions dealing with the open carry provisions – not the concealed weapons portion.

Q Can an individual carry a firearm openly inside a courthouse or other public buildings?

A Custodians of public property generally have the authority and duty to manage that property in the public interest. If such custodians wish to ban the carrying of firearms on such public property, the custodian should be able to articulate the government interest being served by such a ban, and why this ban is a reasonable means to achieve that interest. Any ordinance adopted by a county or municipality pursuant to Section 45-9-53 should be supported by similar findings, preferably reflected in the minutes. Any regulation adopted by a state agency which restricts firearm possession on state property should be supported by similar findings, preferably placed in the administrative records. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Lance, June 13, 2013) Please note: This does not list all of the questions addressed by this Opinion, and anyone wishing to enact such a ban as in #5 should thoroughly review the legal discussion in this Opinion.