HB 2, 2013 Regular Session, amends Section 97-37-1, and there are several questions dealing with the open carry provisions – not the concealed weapons portion.

Q Under HB 2, can an individual carry a firearm as long as part of the firearm is visible?

A An individual may carry a firearm without violating Section 97-37-1 as long as it is not “concealed.” Subsection (4) defines what a concealed weapon is not, and weapons carried in a wholly or partially visible sheath, holster, scabbard, or case, even though no part of the firearm is visible, are not “concealed” weapons, the carrying of which is prohibited by Section 97-37-1

Q If the answer is yes, does that include carrying openly on educational property?

A No. It would still violate Section 97-37-17 to carry a firearm on educational property.

Q Does this apply to rifles and shotguns as well as pistols?

A Yes.