Q Does scrap metal, wire and various other material deposited in the county landfill become county assets requiring the county to follow the procedures for disposal in Section 17-25-25 with the exception of disposal by burying? If not, may the county dispose of it in any manner they determine to be in the best interest of the citizens, so long as it does not conflict with any other provisions of law, such as the Ethics in Government Act?

A The materials described were never inventoried property of the county, rather they are either garbage or rubbish for which the county is legally obligated to provide a system for the collection and disposal. The county is authorized to dispose of garbage or rubbish in any legal manner which best facilitates the countyís garbage and disposal plan, and does not have to comply with the provisions of Section 17-25-25 when disposing of rubbish. (Attorney Generalís Opinion to Walley, February 22, 2013)