Q Does the mayor pro tempore have the authority to veto actions taken by the board of aldermen at a meeting over which the mayor pro tempore has presided? If so, does the mayor have the authority to render such a veto null and void when he or she returns?

A Whoever is acting as mayor at the time of a vote by the board of aldermen, whether it is the mayor or the mayor pro tempore serving in the absence of the mayor, has the power to approve or veto the action taken by the board within the statutory period for approval or veto. The mayor pro tempore’s authority to do so is extinguished upon the mayor’s return to the municipality. If a mayor pro tempore has properly vetoed a measure, in accordance with Section 21-3-15, that was passed in a meeting in which he was acting in his capacity as the mayor pro tempore, the mayor may not nullify and/or void such veto upon his return. (Attorney General’s Opinion to Weems, July 27, 2012)